Traditionally the ceremony locations of choice have been a wedding chapel, at home, or a destination wedding. This is no longer the case. Couples are now choosing unique locations for their wedding ceremony. Don’t be afraid to venture out of the norm when it comes to your ceremony location.

Money Miser ideas for helping you save money:

  • Host your wedding at a location with minimal to no overhead fees. This might be a local park, a friend or family’s home, or the club house of an organization a family member or friend belongs to.
  • Since wedding ceremonies tend to be brief you can have your guests stand for your ceremony or sit on blankets. Many cultures already do this. The cost of renting chairs along with the setup and take down fees for a brief ceremony can add up.
  • If you exchange your vows in a location which has natural beauty it will eliminate the need to spend money on decorations.
  • Select a location where both the ceremony and reception can take place. Some venues will allow you to host your ceremony at their location with no additional cost. This will save on the rental of a ceremony location.