When you become engaged there’s so much excitement. You and your partner are moving forward towards sharing your lives together. Then you start to plan your wedding and the word “Budget” crops up. In an instant, words may spring to mind such as ho hum, boring, dull, and yawn. Budgets are a necessary part of a wedding. We will be discussing budgets in more detail in future blogs. For now, Money Miser Weddings would like to arm you with a few ideas to help you realize savings on your wedding. Who wouldn’t want to save some money on their wedding to spend on a trip or down payment on a house?

When meeting with vendors feel free to ask them for discounts and to include some services for free to secure your business.
Read the contract in its entirety. Watch for any hidden costs.
Do any of your friends have a skill they can donate towards your wedding? A photographer, musician, florist?
Keep your focus on why you’re getting married. A wedding is a union of two people in love. If you make that your main focus and infuse low cost personal touches on your wedding day, your guests will cherish those and not miss lavish decorations.
Prioritize which aspects of your wedding are the most important to you. There are some aspects of your wedding you will not want to skimp on since they are of high importance to you. The remaining items of less importance are the ones you will want to realize some savings.
Avoid putting your wedding expenses on a credit card. Many credit cards have an interest rate of up to 30%. If the vendors advertised their prices 30% higher would you still want to hire them?