How many times have we heard “It’s all about the dress”?  No doubt you and your dress will be the focal point of your wedding day.  Everyone will be waiting in anticipation to see how stunning you look.  Your dress will be captured in every picture.  With that in mind it’s no wonder brides are spending a lot of their bridal budget on the dress.  Money Miser Weddings has put together a list of ideas to help you save money on your purchase.

  • Buy only one wedding dress. Yes, you heard that right. Many brides are now buying two or more dresses!
  • Check out the sales and clearance racks. You never know if you might find your perfect dress for significantly less money.
  • Some brides are opting for wearing a bridesmaids dress rather than a designated bridal gown.
  • Accessories such as jewelry, shoes, garter belt, and hair accessories can often be purchased elsewhere for a better price.
  • Be careful when shopping online for your wedding gown. Often wedding gowns purchased online don’t look the same as the advertised picture when they arrive.


The modern groom has a wide array of options for of clothing so he can look spectacular on his wedding day. Current trends mean the groom’s attire can range between casual to tux and anything in between including conventional and novelty.

Once you have chosen the groom’s attire you will want to complete the outfit by adding accessories to create a unique look that will have him strutting in style on his wedding day. Accessories will complete the outfit and transform it from drab to fab. Accessories many grooms are opting for are bow ties, suspenders, novelty socks, cuff links, sneakers, or a boutonniere.